Pictures Wandsworth Comprehensive School

My name is Ulrich Grotz, I live in the South of Germany, near Tuebingen. I attended Wandsworth Comprehensive from late 1956 until October 23rd 1959, i.e. from the first up to the fourth form. I then left to finish school back in Germany. Even though I was a bit mixed up and also rather shy in those far off days, I do have quite positive memories of the school. Compared to all the other schools I went to, I consider the facilities were really excellent and the teachers quite dedicated. At least I felt happier there than at the German grammar schools I subsequently attended. The New School in the summer of 1959

When I came back to have a look some time in the early 1970s the signs of decay and neglect struck me, so I suppose I was lucky to have been there at a stage when this was one of the first comprehensives and people were still believing in this kind of education.

In the summer of 1959 I took some pictures in school with my new camera. Perhaps some of you are interested and might even know whos who. If you do  know the names of any of either the kids or the teachers let me know, My own memory for names is poor, I can identify Stephen Harper, David Everitt and Gilbert Edgley.

Meanwhile I have already had some feedback, identifying more of the people on the photos. Thanks for your messages.

If you would like to have a print of any of the pictures just send me an e-mail. Here is the address:

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